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Beauty and the Bottle

23 Jul 2020 10:38 AM | Anonymous

“Beauty and the Bottle”

A perfume without its bottle is just a mixture of substances, a cream without its jar remains only a semi-solid mass, and the same goes for most make-up formulations. However, with packaging each of these products has its own wardrobe that completely enhances it. Taking it from nothing into something beautiful, functional, unique & special. A form that contains beauty not just for the function, but to completely enhance its true essence and bring alive it’s spirit!

To be able to transfer the essence of perfumes, creams, make up, and everything we use daily, into visually captivating containers that fill our homes (and handbags) is a specialty that brands rely on from the industry experts. Leaders in the primary packaging world want to create and offer packaging that people can be proud of using.

Some primary packaging companies create, design, engineer, manufacture and customize their own containers, along with related accessories, to offer exactly what the end user needs and to provide the highest quality components. There are many things to consider when selecting your final components. Bottle height, size, shape and color. Neck size (there are many) with a crimp top or screw top. What type of dispenser are you looking for? Screw top, dropper, serum pump, spray pump or roller ball? Do you want your bottle decorated? Some packaging companies will also provide this important next step. Beautiful bottle decoration will completely accentuate the brand identity. Your choices are endless when selecting your individual and unique style.

For experienced primary packaging companies, there is a daily challenge to present a wide range of high-quality products largely available in stock and in various locations globally that meet the increasingly personalized requests of the beauty industry, with the aim of being recognized as a leader of excellence in the Beauty Industry.

Imagine that each one of us would like to see ourselves always beautiful and at the same time always different or unique. It is important to combine constant innovation with the values and history of the past. In each new bottle or jar developed, there is a story to be told just like each one of us.

A jar or bottle apparently simple in shape can always be made to look stunning with the right innovative accessories and especially a unique design concept. Bottle decoration includes various techniques such as: molding, acid-etching, varnishing, screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing along with the use of vitrified enamels and precious metals such as gold or platinum. The bottle spray color can include transparent, opaque, glossy, gradient or matte finishes along with silkscreen which can combine a wide range of colors and designs on each bottle. All of this is usually done with a quality control system in place and approvals throughout the production pipeline, which guarantees precision on the bottles.

The components whose functionality, durability, and stability are always well studied will be the most successful in the market. Bottle and accessory shapes should strive for an elegant style and an aesthetic harmony while allowing the personalization of each product. This ensures that it always transforms into something truly unique and appealing. Good packaging captures the essence of beauty as it frames the product and the brand concept, making it indelible. Packaging companies operate in a world market that increasingly looks toward innovation and eco-friendly solutions, which will make everything more beautiful in the long run.

Lisa Martines works for Baralan Group, a global primary packaging company who prides itself within the beauty industry as a historic Italian company who has an open, flexible and dynamic vision, with an international presence and a widespread distribution of products in more than 50 countries. The Baralan Group brings “Made in Italy” to the world, which is understood as a symbol of beauty, design and impeccable taste combined with an excellent level of quality and service. Always appreciated worldwide and recognized as industry leaders.

LIsa Martines - West Coast Key Account Manager

Mobile 310-365-0419

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